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My Story

I live in a small village called Manaccan with my husband and two children. After many years in the pub and restaurant business, I needed to find a way of using my passion for delicious food to earn money. I wanted to make a product which could be sold without plastic packaging (a real soap box topic for me). I decided on pies. There are many pies on the market, but I felt I could produce something far superior. I made loads, tested loads, finally tested them on my friends and settled on Hot Water Crust pastry made with butter. I started with a traditional Pork filling but I am adding new fillings all the time. Have a look on the photo gallery for the fillings and how best to enjoy them.

An Idea is Born

August 2015.   I decided to make pies to sell. I made a few, got some friends together on Gillan Beach and tested them out. 

October 2015.   Mawgan Stores was my first customer closely followed by Baileys Country Store in Penryn.   My next venture was to Helston Farmers Market and I now have a thriving stall each month there. I also sell pies at Penzance Farmers Market every Friday at St John's Hall.

Other places to buy the pies are The Cornish Food Box in Truro

Why buy Penny's Pies?

My pies are unique. Each one is handmade as part of small batches. The pastry is made using butter to make the hot water crust pastry. The fillings are traditional, such as the pork pies, or the steak and ale pies, or a little different, such as the broad bean, feta and garlic. Each batch is carefully made, baked, and distributed to our customers as quickly and freshly as possible.  

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