Penny's Pies

Perfectly Proper Pies

The Festive Pies - these pies are a traditional part of Christmas food.  They are ideal for larger gatherings, or as a standby, or (as in our house) it is sitting on the side and tends to get shaved as a snack as people go by.

They come in a range of sizes - 

500g, 1 kilo, 1.5 kilo, 2 kilo, 2.5 kilo, 3 kilo

The cost is £16.00 per kilo

These pies can be ordered from the following:

direct from me - phone 01326 231913 or 07811 399456

Baileys Country Store - their online ordering service and in store

The Cornish Food Box - their online ordering service and in store

The Great Cornish Food Store - in store


The Classic Festive Pie - Layers of pork mixture, turkey, stuffing with cranberries, chestnuts, pigs in blankets and finished with another layer of pork mixture.

The Festive Game Pie - layers of pork mixture, stuffing, cranberries and apricots, pheasant, duck, pigeon, chestnuts, and finally another layer of pork mixture

The Festive Pork Pie - the traditional pork mixture layered with Apricot stuffing 

The Festive Cornish Blue pie - Cornish Blue cheese, haricot beans, garlic, cranberry and apricot stuffing, chestnuts and cranberry sauce.  Ideal for those that don't want to eat meat